St Albans Heights Primary is a School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) school. SWPBS is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures. We are being supported by the Department of Education throughout the implementation.

When SWPBS is implemented well, teachers and students have more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. Students and staff benefit from:

  • increased respectful and positive behaviour
  • increased time focused on instruction
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing
  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff
  • increased adoption of evidence-based instructional practices
  • a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased attendance

This framework is based around our school values: Honesty, Excellence, Respect and Belonging. For this we have implemented our MVP cards, these are given to students when they are seen demonstrating the school values. We have also implemented a behaviour matrix. The matrix is based on our values and is a list of expected behaviours for areas across the school. A behaviour procedure has also been created to ensure students are familiar with minor and major behaviours and the process that teachers will use to improve behaviour. The matrix and behaviour procedure are explicitly taught at each year level.
For more Department of Education SWPBS information please click here.

Behaviour Matrix

Behaviour Flowchart




Students from SAHPS are taught and rewarded for displaying SAHPS HERB the Hawk values:







Together, we made a Positive Behaviour Matrix that displays the behaviours we expect to see across the school. These are explicitly taught to students throughout the school year.

Students who show the positive behaviours are rewarded with a HERB MVP (Most Valuable Peer) card and are told WHY they are receiving the card (a valuable teaching moment).


HERB MVP cards can be used in our SWPBS shop in exchange for toys, sporting equipment, games or a non-tangible reward such as free time or lunch with the Principal. All MVP cards that are exchanged go into a raffle for a bonus prize. At each weekly assembly a card is drawn. 


All our MVP cards are recorded and accumulated on compass management system, whole school rewards are also used to acknowledge positive behaviours. Our HERB thermometer will be used to count our total MVP cards received by students. Every time it hits 2000 HERB MVPs the students will negotiate a special reward day. 


Our SWPBS shop is resourced through staff donations and our SWPBS budget, all other tangible acknowledgements are also resourced through our SWPBS budget.

This system of acknowledgements is coordinated by SWPBS team leader and SWPBS team members/SCR Leaders.


In Tier 2 support, the focus shifts to a smaller group of students who are exhibiting behaviour that require more individualised supports. The goal of Tier 2 support is to address the specific needs of these students and provide them with targeted interventions to improve their behaviour and academic performance.

Some key features of Tier 2 support in SWPBS include:

  1. Small Group Interventions: Students who require Tier 2 support typically receive interventions in small groups to address their specific needs. These interventions may involve teaching social skills, problem-solving strategies, and emotional regulation techniques.

  2. Progress Monitoring: Ongoing data collection is an important component of Tier 2 support. Educators track the progress of students receiving these interventions to determine if they are responding positively and making improvements in their behaviour.

  3. Continuum of Support: SWPBS follows a multi-tiered system of support, with Tier 2 interventions positioned between universal strategies (Tier 1) and intensive interventions (Tier 3). Students who do not respond to Tier 2 support may be considered for more intensive interventions.

Overall, Tier 2 support in SWPBS aims to provide additional assistance to students who require more focused interventions beyond the universal strategies. By addressing their specific needs, SWPBS aims to improve student behaviour, academic outcomes, and overall well-being within the school community.


If you feel your child needs tier 2 support, please fill in the Parent / Student Request for Assistance form and bring it the school office. A member of our SWPBS team will get back to you within 3 days of receiving your request.




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