Digital Technologies




St Albans Heights Primary School provides our students with a supportive and caring eLearning environment, through the use of Digital Technologies.



Purpose Of Our Digital Learning Mode

The school aims for an environment where the use of information, communication and technology is regarded as an integral part of our everyday practices .

We encourage the ability to communicate, collaborate, plan, analyse and solve problems.



St Albans Heights Primary School currently operates an Apple OSX system.

eduSTAR provides WIFI in all areas of our school.

The school has LCD T.V screens and Apple TV’S in every classroom to assist in the provision of ICT across the school.

3D printers, green screens, iMovie technology and robotics are used in our STEM program.


1:1 iPads

St Albans Heights has a 1:1 iPad program In Foundation through to year 2.

Years 3-6 use MacBook’s and iPads .

This year the school purchased grade sets of iPads  for our foundation students and this will continue to carry across all year levels over the next 3 years.


Core apps and programs

Reading Eggs                                                       

See Saw


Explain Everything

Google Education


Microsoft Office


Minecraft Education















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