Community Hub


 St Albans Heights Primary School has one of the 5 Community Hubs in the Brimbank Area, which is part of the Community Hubs Australia network. Community hubs are welcoming places where families, particularly mothers with young children and families from migrant and refugees background come to connect, share, and learn. Hubs bridge the gap between migrants and the wider community, they connect women with schools, with each other and with organisations that can provide health, education, and settlement support.
Community Hubs offer information sessions on diverse topics of interest for the local community, sports & recreational activities, social events, English & skills training classes, Playgroups and volunteering opportunities.


Timetable Term 1

All the Hub Activities are open to the wider community however they are aimed to support school parents, grandparents, carers and any other family member. Most of the activities are offered free of charge.


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