Physical Education

  • To provide students with knowledge, skills and behaviours to participate in physical activities and competitive sports.
  • To instill a love and need for physical activity to keep our minds, bodies and spirits healthy. 
All students participate in a warm-up activity such as a 5 minute lap challenge or a 5 minute fitness program to switch their bodies and minds into a physical activity mode. They also participate in minor games as part of their warm-up to engage in a coordinated competitive game. 

  • Learn about themselves (space, time, pattern, limitations and laws of their body) through an intensive Perceptual Motor Skills Program.
  • Learn basic fundamental movement skills such as catching,kicking,running and jumping.

Levels 1/2

  • Learn basic and refined movement skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, jumping, running, ball bouncing, leaping, punt kicking for football, striking and dodging.
  • Learn skills necessary to participate in team sports through minor games and sports clinics.

Level 3/4

  • Learn to master their movement skills such as kicking, ball bouncing leaping, dodging, punt kicking for football. forehand and two hand side arm striking for bat and ball sports and dodging. 
  • Learn skills necessary to actively participate and coordinate team sports through minor games and spots clinics. 


Level 5/6

  • Learn to master their movement skills of the forehand strike and two-hand side-arm strike for bat and ball sports. 
  • Learn skills necessary to actively participate in coordinated sports through the 5/6 inter school sports program 
  • Learn skills necessary to actively participate in intensive programs such as rope skipping and sports clinics.
  • Learn skills necessary to coordinate their own team sports effectively. 

Swimming Program
We also offer an intensive 10 day swimming program within each year.  This program is highly recommended for all students of all abilities. 

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) 
PMP is a designed program that aims to develop the child's perceptions and understanding of themselves and their world, through movement and motor experiences. It aims to give the child confidence to manipulate themselves in their world to suit his/her best interest. PMP consists of equipment sessions, floor sessions and a follow up language experience session in the classroom. 

Extra curricular programs include:

  • Camp Program that provides valuable outdoor education experience to students in Grades 3 – 6. The camp site we visit varies from year to year, from beach side to bush site, on a rotating basis.  
  • BluEarth Our Bluearth Program is designed to improve student health and wellbeing, as well as social skills and performance, through phyiscal activity​.​  





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